circulation fan
Greenhouse Circulation Fans

Material: stainless steel for cover  and aluminium plate for the fan blade Function: improve the balance of temperature, humidity and CO2 inside the greenhouse Techanical Parameter: Diameter of Fan Phase Voltage Rating Frequency Power Rotate Speed Air Flow 400mm Single& … Continued

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Sale! Insect Net
Garden Fruit Tree Insect Netting

Garden Fruit Tree Insect Netting/Bug Screens: 1, Light weight, durable, abrasion resistant, and easy cleans 2, Keeps out a wide range of pets and insects (Bugs, flies, aphids, and so on) 3, Reduces the need for chemical pesticide application 4, … Continued

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Sale! Flower Pots (2)
Plastic Flower Pots

Specifications: (T: Top; B: Bottom; H: Height) Item No. Material Dimension(mm) Qty/Carton N.W/pc PP-90 PP 90 T×60B×80H 3150pcs 7g PP-100 100T×70B×90H 1800pcs 10g PP-120 120T×85B×105H 1000pcs 14g PP-130 130T×88B×115H 900pcs 17g PP-140 140T×95B×125H 800pcs 20g PP-150 150T×105B×135H 600pcs 25g PP-160 … Continued

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Greenhouses Connect Kits
Greenhouses Connect Kits

Polyester Wire 1, with uv additive, long life up to 10 years 2, stable between -40 degrees to 70 degrees 3, high tension, good smoothness 4, color: black and transparent Available diameters: 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm 

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