Fiberglass Fish Tank for Aquaponics

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aquponics fiberglass fish tanksaquaponics fiberglass fish tank

Food grade fiberglass fish tanks most suitable for aquaponics.

Blue color create a sea like environment for fish.

High tense, anti-aging, anti chemical, easy installation fish tanks.

Anti-corrosive, no maintenance required. Only soap water for cleaning.

Density of fiberglass: 1.6-2.1g/cm³

Sizes: ∅2.8m×1.5m (H)

∅4.0m×1.2m (H)

∅5.0m×1.2m (H)

∅6.0m×1.5m (H)

or other custom size

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2 Responses

  1. Godwin Kwushue

    Dear sir
    I am writing from California USA. I hope to used some of your products for my farm projects in Africa. How much is your fiberglass fish tank. How many mature cat fish can it hold. Does it have outlet for water cleaning/filter device or heating if necessary. How many of the fish tank can you load in a 20ft container.

    Looking forward to your response


    Godwin Kwushue

  2. Wayne

    I am interested in your food grade fish tanks.Kindly advise on how many tilapia can fit per tank as I intend on using them as growing tanks for tillapia.Also unit price per tank will be of good use to me and if you could also advise on the ideal tank shape(round,square or rectangular) for tillapia farming for profit.Thank you in advance.

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